Newly-launched Zilliqa Capital is looking to shake up blockchain investment across South East Asia and India.

Based in Singapore, the blockchain investment company will operate as a permanent capital vehicle, becoming the central business and investment hub for the Zilliqa blockchain platform.

Looking to position itself as the “Berkshire Hathaway of Blockchain, DeFi and NFTs”, the ambitious company plans to invest in Zilliqa’s native utility token ZIL as a key strategic digital asset, while investing in Web 3.0 projects with high-growth potential across the Zilliqa ecosystem and the broader blockchain.

According to Zilliqa Capital CEO, Chairman and Co-Chief Investment Officer Michael Conn, the company has a specific focus on investing in real-world solutions within the DeFi space—along with NFTs, gaming and ‘pick and shovel’ type infrastructure investments.

Company seeks to have regional and global impact

Leveraging its extensive resources, experience and relationships, Zilliqa Capital will support businesses and invest in a range of industry-shifting and disruptive technologies.

Mr Conn told Cult.Today, “The company seeks to be active from acceleration/seed level investments all the way through Series A, B, C and beyond. We seek to be long-term partners to our portfolio companies, with an aim to help them grow in meaningful and accretive ways.”

Zilliqa Capital is looking to invest in both revenue and profit-sharing arrangements, as well as equity, tokens and other opportunistic investments.

Through its support of entrepreneurs and tech developers in the fintech, gaming and blockchain space, Zilliqa Capital seeks to further cement Zilliqa’s position as the blockchain platform of choice—with global as well as regional impact.

Why is Zilliqa Capital unique?

This innovative tech company has tapped into the enormous appetite for digital disruption and emerging technologies among Southeast Asian and Indian startups and developers.

Structured like an investment holding company, Zilliqa features an evergreen, permanent capital structure, with a portion of all company profits retained within the organisation for future investments.

Characterised by a robust governance and investment structure, Zilliqa Capital analyses every deal for upside potential and long-term strategic fit with the company’s investment thesis.

In Mr Conn’s words: “No other investment company within the blockchain space is structured like Zilliqa Capital, nor has such a focus on financial inclusion broadly.”

With one of the “most institutional quality boards” in the digital asset arena, the Zilliqa Capital team provides broadly-sourced and well-curated global dealflow.

In addition to being led by Mr Conn, the former CEO of Ether Capital, the company’s powerhouse board of directors and management team includes:

  • Nischal Shetty (Founder and CEO of WazirX, a Binance brand)
  • Miko Matsumura (General Partner of gumi Cryptos Capital)
  • Jehan Chu (Founder and Managing Partner of Kenetic Capital)
  • Mason Borda (Founder and CEO of Tokensoft)
  • Ben Tsai (President & Managing Partner of Wave Financial)
  • Professor David Lee (Professor of Blockchain at Singapore University of Social Sciences)
  • Rumi Morales (Partner & Head of Venture at Outlier Ventures)
  • Jiho Zirlin (Co-Founder of Sky Mavis/Axie Infinity)

It’s an exciting time for companies in this fast-evolving space. Stay tuned!


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