Wirex, a leading digital payment platform, has announced the launch of its virtual cards, available to customers in the UK, EEA, and Australia. Designed to offer a convenient, secure, and cashless payment experience, these cards allow users to make payments without a physical card, set spending limits, and track transactions in real-time.

The virtual cards can be used wherever the physical Wirex cards are accepted, and users can still earn Cryptoback™ rewards at the same rate as with their physical cards. The company aims to provide a hassle-free and secure way to make payments in an increasingly digital world.

Customers can access their virtual cards through the Wirex app, which allows for easy activation and management. The virtual cards are expected to be especially useful for those who have misplaced or forgotten their physical cards, as they can still complete transactions using the app.

Wirex’s virtual cards are the latest offering in the fast-growing digital payments space, as more and more consumers and businesses turn to digital solutions for managing finances and making transactions. With this new addition, Wirex continues to push the boundaries of digital payments and offer its customers a reliable, secure, and seamless experience.


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