The latest version of CoinPlay released by Tron aims to become the number one platform to download applications from the blockchain industry. Tron Foundation sees it as the ‘AppStore of the blockchain industry’.

In March 2019 TRON acquired the blockchain application marketplace CoinPlay, which the company says has seen significant growth in its number of users and listed applications. Coinplay is available worldwide and was created for the purpose of providing up-to-date blockchain applications in one place and ensuring the security and trust of users regarding the source of the downloads. According to the Tron Foundation, CoinPlay is an important addition to boost the development of the crypto industry and the construction of a decentralised Internet.

In the future, CoinPlay is supposed be able to support real-time quotes in multiple currencies and different platforms. CoinPlay is also working on developing high quality content on the crypto industry, so that it becomes a link between the user and other crypto projects of interest.

Tron CEO Justin Sun tweeted: The world’s first blockchain application store with a large number of applications for trading, wallets, market information, media and news, industries, blockchain games as well as DApps.


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