On Thursday, 20 March, Tyler Winklevoss, Co-Founder and CEO of digital asset exchange Gemini, tweeted that Bitcoin is a “vaccine”. Gabor Gurbacs, Digital Asset Strategist/Director at asset management firm VanEck, a prominent member of the crypto community on Twitter immediately agreed with Winklevoss’s assessment.

For a while now, another highly influential crypto influencer Anthony Pompliano (aka “Pomp”), Co-founder and Partner at crypto-focused investment firm Morgan Creek Digital Assets, has been promoting the meme “the virus is spreading” when tweeting about Bitcoin.

Symptoms of the “money printing disease” that Winklevoss is referring to in his tweet are the recent actions of the Federal Reserve (aka “the Fed”) in response to the huge economic threat to the U.S. (and world) economy posed by COVID-19.

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said in an interview with U.S. television network NBC’s “TODAY” program that the U.S. central banks will continue to provide liquidity to businesses that need it.


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