Coinomi is one of the most familiar brands among crypto enthusiasts. Their decentralised wallets are available on mobile and desktop to iOS and Android customers. Since their inception in 2014, they’ve been consistently innovating and introducing new products into the market. In our last discussion, we spoke to Coinomi about their planned foray into DeFi space. In this discussion, we talk about the upcoming halving of Bitcoin. We also spoke about other exciting projects that’s caught the attention of team Coinomi.

Are you excited about Bitcoin halving?

Having the emission rate of the most important cryptocurrency cut in half again, is certainly not something that can be ignored in the grand scheme of things. There are popular models, such as the stock to flow model and the mayer multiple which, if respected by the market forces, predict tremendous gains for holders. However, for us, it changes nothing – we will keep building as we have always done, and ideally, we would like to see a future where the value of Bitcoin is not measured in FIAT terms at all, as that’s when you know that Bitcoin has moved to the next stage in its evolution, ie from store of value to a real medium of exchange.

What else are you following closely?

We’re excited about the growth of L2 solutions and important Bitcoin protocol updates (Taproot, Schorr signatures, etc), many exciting projects in the DeFi space, as mentioned before, the evolution of mimblewimble into several privacy-based assets, and also Tari, which is a promising L2 solution for Monero.

“We have secretly been working on something that will provide the absolute safest haven for your funds”

Any projects/coins in particular?

We’d rather not mention any coins/tokens by name as Coinomi strives to be a neutral financial node that supports a multitude of projects without endorsing any.

What’s next for Coinomi?

We have secretly been working on something that will provide the absolute safest haven for your funds, but unfortunately we cannot disclose any more information on that yet. Stay tuned!

More to come on our exciting discussion with Coinomi. Stay tuned…


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