Have you ever wished you could create a tiny piece of art that lasts forever in the digital world? Bitcoin Stamps are here to make your dreams come true! Say goodbye to the misnomer of “Art on the Blockchain” as we dive into a revolutionary method of embedding base64-formatted image data using transaction outputs in a unique and exciting way!

This ingenious approach works by encoding an image’s binary content into a base64 string and broadcasting it via the Counterparty protocol onto the Bitcoin ledger. Forget about prunable data storage and embrace the concept of preserving your art in an immutable manner for eternity.

With the cost of data preservation in mind, the perfect canvas for Bitcoin Stamps is a 24×24 pixel, 8-color-depth PNG or GIF. Channel your inner CryptoPunk and create a masterpiece within these constraints!

Bitcoin Stamps are numbered based on their transaction timestamps, ensuring a chronological directory of these digital treasures. To be a valid Bitcoin Stamp, a Counterparty transaction must contain a valid STAMP:base64 string in the description key.

Follow the rules and guidelines, and your Bitcoin Stamp creation could be proudly displayed in the official STAMPS directory. Watch your tiny art piece join the ranks of its pixelated brethren and become a part of the crypto-art movement!

And it doesn’t end there! Bitcoin Stamps can be traded just like traditional Counterparty assets, allowing you to buy, sell, and exchange these fascinating digital tokens. Browse the Bitcoin Stamps marketplace on https://scarce.city/marketplace/digital and discover the incredible potential of this vibrant ecosystem!

Get ready to witness the emergence of partnerships with Emblem, Hiro Wallet, and Token.Art, as the Bitcoin Stamps revolution sweeps across the crypto landscape! So, what are you waiting for? Grab your digital brush and start creating your everlasting pixel art legacy today with Bitcoin Stamps!


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