TronWallet adds JUST token to swap pairs

Peer-to-peer multi-blockchain exchange platform TronWallet announced that JUST (JST), one of two native assets of the JUST decentralized lending protocol, was added to TronWallet’s swap mechanism.

JUST was recently launched as a new-gen, decentralized lending and stablecoin issuance instrument. Its tokenomics include two assets. The first one is USDJ, a stablecoin that is pegged 1:1 to the U.S. Dollar. This is generated by collateralizing Tron (TRX) via JUST’s CDP portal.

The second one is JUST (JST), which acts as a payment and reward instrument within the JUST platform. It is utilized for paying interest, platform maintenance, governance participation through voting, and other activities within the JUST platform.

This popular asset was recently added to the TronWallet exchange ecosystem. Five seamless in-app swap pairs are available with JUST (JST): JST/BTC, JST/TRX, JST/ETH, JST/TWX, and JST/USDT. As a result, the token can be exchanged for the most popular coins, as well as for the USDT stablecoin and TronWallet’s native asset TWX.

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