Tron reaches out to ‘global community’ to help send medical supplies to Coronavirus victims

Blockchain solutions provider Tron is seeking help from its global community and partners to help those affected by the Coronavirus worldwide. “We are deeply concerned and aware of the extreme shortage of medical supplies in Wuhan, China, hence we are calling all the Tronics around the world to help those affected by sending medical necessities immediately,” said a press note from the company.

These supplies include goggles, face masks, food, water, and various medical supplies, and anything else needed to help them overcome this crisis. The company says they have already received commitments from various community members from Korea, Singapore, North America, and EU, as well as corporations within the Tron ecosystem including BitTorrent, Poloniex, DLive, and WINk, with more to be confirmed.

Tron is now coordinating with some of the largest logistics companies around the world to help deliver and distribute these supplies as soon as possible, to whoever is in need.


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