It’s finally arrived. Steemit has rolled out the much anticipated communities on its platform on 20th February. Communities and Smart Media Tokens are two projects that have been stalled for months, if not years.

Soon after the take over of Steemit on 14th February, Justin Sun had made it clear that his priority is to roll our products and focus on innovation. As promised, Steem Communities have been delivered.

Steemit as a platform is a lot faster to operate after the re-launch and the introduction of communities. Communities, like Facebook community, helps bloggers create a space for like-minded people. Unlike Facebook, Steemit allows you to monetise your community.

Post-relaunch, it also seems like the whole platform has moved to a much more efficient server.  The most striking feature in the roll out is a an option to check out notifications. Steemit has also introduced a search option on its homepage. Steemit has also replaced followers with “My friends”.

More to come…


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