Starname Technologies Announces a Major Innovation in the Blockchain and NFT Space: The Creator’s Token

PARIS, Oct. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today IOV Sas, a European based Blockchain company has announced a major innovation for the global Blockchain and Intellectual Property industries. 

Starname Technologies: The Creator’s Token

Called the Creator’s Token, it is projected to significantly alter the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) landscape, by irrefutably assigning the verified authenticity of the creator of any token or its associated assets. 

Currently, while NFTs are non-fungible (completely unique and unsubstitutable) once made, the moment of creation and the fact that the NFT is still dependent on the claim of the token’s maker that the creator is as written. As the NFT market is estimated to be worth over $1 trillion in the next 5 years, this update is critical.

Starname Technologies Creator’s Token solves this significant issue by permanent on-chain native linking of a creator of an NFT to the creations it holds or represents. 

“NFTs are here to stay, but we need to make sure that they don’t simply update existing problems. The Creator’s Token solves a critical issue in this space, and will surely be adopted by anybody creating anything, as a way to authentically verify their own creation, wherever it may end up being sold, traded or used,” said Karim Ganem, CEO of Starname Technologies.

“The creator will never be separated from the truth that they were the creator, and the token is built to withstand market and practice developments by being written directly into the IOV Blockchain, and not subject to any platform’s management or future practices,” said Karim Ganem.

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About IOV :

Founded in 2018, IOV is a start-up is based in Paris with offices in Europe.

IOV is a blockchain technology designed to enable the largest number of people to benefit from the future of digital exchange and value creation.

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