Popular crypto platform StakeCube’s new feature MineCube is supposed to make it easier for anyone to mine bitcoin. To start mining bitcoin on StakeCube platform, all one has to do is purchase their native currency StakeCube Coin (SCC) and buy bitcoin mining power. The cost of one SCC at the time of the announcement on 28 April was 1500 Sats or 0.10 USD. Interested miners will get the opportunity to buy 100 haspower. Purchased haspower is not contracted and it can last as long as bitcoin mining is profitable. StakeCube’s new feature is a partnership with MeaTec.

DogeCoin, Dash and Litecoin are other projects that can fetch interest if one holds these coins in a wallet on StakeCube. Miners can increase their hashrate in 100 GigaHash steps. StakeCube has started with 136000 GH (136 TH) available (with 2 workers hosted by MeaTecwith which StakeCube has collaborated). StakeCube retains 5% of the BTC mined as fee and the payout is made daily to your bitcoin wallet on StakeCube. Mining yields can also be tracked on the explorer with the given address.

Launched in 2018 as a PoS pool, StakeCube now has more than 50 coins listed and 30,000 users supporting over 45 different crypto assets with unique features across 9 apps. MeaTec is a full service supplier and hoster for mining hardware.

Get started: https://stakecube.net/?team=sidsun


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