In a landmark announcement made earlier today, SCC, a prominent player in the digital currency realm, revealed its ambitious plan to enhance its Bonus Program, promising its users an array of new benefits designed to get the most out of their SCC holdings. The proposed roadmap, although not yet implemented, highlights the company’s commitment to innovation and user satisfaction.

In the new structure, the bonus level of an account will be determined by two key factors – the account balance of SCC holdings and the number of registered masternodes. The enhanced program proposes that for every 1000 SCC units in a user’s balance, a new bonus level will be attained, up to a maximum holding of 10,000 SCC. In an intriguing addition, each registered masternode will also contribute to the bonus level, being equated to 1000 SCC.

SCC’s new bonus program aims to introduce an impressive range of benefits for its users, including a reduction in exchange fees, increased affiliate rates, reduced fees on earned SCC, free Hot-node hosting, and an ad-free browsing experience.

The new plan retains the existing feature of exchange fee reduction. Users can continue to enjoy a 0.01% fee reduction for every 1000 SCC held in their accounts. This move aims to encourage more transactions and increase liquidity in the SCC market.

In terms of affiliate rates, the proposed system will see the exchange affiliate rate bonus increase by 1% for every 1000 SCC held by a user, a continuation of the existing scheme.

Furthermore, the proposed roadmap introduces new benefits to the users. Firstly, the company aims to roll out a 0.1% fee reduction on Earn for every 1000 SCC a user holds. This is a significant move as it directly impacts the earning potential of the users.

Secondly, free Hot-node hosting will be offered for every 5000 SCC held by a user. This benefit, maxing out at two free hostings at the full bonus level of 10,000 SCC, is a welcome addition for the SCC community.

Lastly, holders of 10,000 SCC will get to enjoy an ad-free browsing experience on the company’s website, excluding the faucet page. This move underscores the company’s commitment to providing a seamless and unintrusive user experience.

Please note, however, that these enhancements are part of SCC’s future roadmap and will be implemented as the company reaches its development goals. Despite being a future-oriented announcement, it is evident that SCC is setting the stage for substantial improvements to its bonus program, which is expected to enhance the utility of its digital currency and reward its loyal users in a more meaningful way.

As the SCC community awaits further updates on these planned enhancements, it is clear that the future of the SCC Bonus Program is set to offer an even more dynamic and lucrative platform for its users. Through these updates, SCC aims to allow their users to leverage their holdings in more beneficial ways, enhancing their overall crypto experience. Stay tuned as SCC continues to redefine the digital currency landscape through its innovative initiatives.


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