In an exciting development, the alpha version of “SatScanner” is now available to badge holders, offering an innovative exploration into the ownership of unique satoshis within the Bitcoin network. Launched by OrdinalHub, this tool allows users to delve into the Bitcoin they own by searching the Unspent Transaction Output (UTXO) set, unearthing any uncommon, rare, or epic satoshis that may have been concealed in their wallets.

This digital currency mining tool has given a fresh perspective to the concept of bitcoin fungibility, proving that some bitcoins may carry a higher value than their face value, akin to how an antique coin or a business owner’s first dollar bill may hold historical or sentimental value.

In recent times, certain satoshis, owing to their association with specific events, data, or art inscriptions, have fetched prices upwards of $1,000. SatScanner, by identifying such unique satoshis, opens up opportunities for users to discover potentially valuable digital assets lying unnoticed in their wallets.

The alpha version of SatScanner, currently, focuses on detecting uncommon, rare, and epic satoshis. However, the developers are preparing to roll out a feature that will expand the search parameters to include all types of satoshis.

In the pipeline for SatScanner is an automation feature that will extract unique sats, allowing users to store them in a separate wallet. This feature is designed to prevent users from accidentally spending these valuable digital assets.

To avail of this groundbreaking service, users can go to and enter their public Bitcoin address. SatScanner will then initiate a search of the user’s UTXOs, revealing whether any unique sats are present. In case a unique sat is detected, the developers at OrdinalHub can assist in manually segregating these sats into separate UTXOs.

While the alpha version allows for one-time scanning without the need for an email address, the company is contemplating the introduction of a wallet monitoring service for routine ‘stacking’ of bitcoin. This would require the user to provide their email address, a move that reflects the company’s commitment to respecting user privacy while continuously enhancing their service offerings.

This ambitious project is under active development, and future updates and features are eagerly anticipated. As Bitcoin continues to evolve, tools like SatScanner may serve to deepen the intrigue and allure of the world’s most popular digital currency.


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