What is DMT?

DMT is a token issued on Tron blockchain. The main purpose is to reward readers for their attention. The maximum supply is 100 million. 10 Tokens get issued to readers when they visit a participating publisher site. CULT.TODAY is a participating publisher.

Earn Rewards, Hodl those DMTs

Visit https://cult.today/ every 24 hours and earn 10 Digital Media Tokens. Each address will be allowed only 10 Tokens; Readers' Rewards will run for 100 Days as Ten Tokens per Tron Link Address. After the 100th day, we will reduce the rewards to 5 tokens per user. Go ahead and withdraw your rewards from the button below. Thank you for visiting CULT.Today. Spread the word around! And join the CULT.

Why Earn These Rewards?

DMTs are attention tokens run on Tron Blockchain. Publishers can use DMTs to reward their readers for visiting and engaging with content on their site. At Cult, we would create buy orders for DMTs with the advertising revenue after the 100th day;

Staking Option

Second option and the more interesting option is for readers to have stake their DMTs for 2% return paid in DMTs. We will announce a platform where we would stake DMTs.

Want to work for us?

If you are a writer, journalist, podcaster and want your content published on cult.today, you can write to sid@cult.today. We will pay in DMTs;

What do I do with DMTs?

Cult would convert 30% of ad revenue from every client advertising on the site and buy back DMTs in TRX. A reader can earn TRX by going to a listed exchange if they wish to cash out their DMTs.

Got a question?

If you are a publisher and if you want to use DMTs, contact us on sid@cult.today

How do I get started?

To interact with a Tron Dapp, you primarily need a compatible wallet. On desktop readers can use a chrome plugin called Tronlink. For mobile you can download either TronWallet, GuildChat or Tronlink. Once you have a wallet send some Tron to it and that should get you started to withdraw your rewards.

Rewards Programme

DMT Rewards Programme will start from 10th March 2020. Participate in our Airdrops in the meantime. Stay Tuned!

Disclaimer: DMTs are created for the purpose of entertaining our readers. We believe it will also drive our readers\\\\’ attention. We do not guarantee a future value or price to these tokens. CULT.Today along with other readers and clients will aim to build an ecosystem around the token through publishing relevant and engaging content. Readers are required to check with the laws that exist within their own jurisdiction or region to ascertain the legality of the activities which are covered by these tokens.