While the look and feel of the Reddcoin wallet has not yet changed, the underlying engine of the wallet has been upgraded in preparation to evolve the blockchain in a new direction, Reddcoin (RDD) has announced. The upgrade will also incorporate the latest bitcoin core security and feature code. The crypto pioneer and first generation altcoin has also embedded this technology in the new required v3.x Core wallet upgrade.

The Reddcoin ecosystem is a self-funding, user-supportive, eco-friendly financial solution for the next generation. The activation of their consensus staking algorithm PoSV v2 will take place when the Reddcoin network has observed 9,000 of the prior 10,000 blocks are staked/generated by v3 wallets.

Reddcoin is hoping that this new update, combined with a growing community of active members, will drive the network closer toward that goal of organic growth, while providing a unique set of user rewards, and a welcoming and supportive community.

Reddcoin, a voluntarily run project set up in 2015, is one of the older and more established names in crypto.

More details at www.reddcoin.com


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