Real Vision, a financial media platform known for its unique position at the nexus of macro, crypto, and technology, has decided to break its silence in response to what it calls a “misinformation” campaign being waged by a select group of competitors and individuals seeking personal gain. The company has remained quiet in the past, focusing on its mission to help people navigate complex financial times since its inception in 2014. However, the recent impact on staff and the growing frustration among the global community have prompted the company to address the issue.

The company statement outlines Real Vision’s commitment to journalistic integrity and subscription-centric business model, aiming to deliver unbiased and broad information on macro and crypto topics. Real Vision also emphasizes its policy of only accepting sponsorships sparingly and always disclosing them when they do occur. Contrary to rumors, the company has never taken sponsorship money from FTX.

In addition, the statement refutes claims that Real Vision is taking a step back. Instead, it reveals that the company is working on a significant expansion with the upcoming “Real Vision 2.0” platform. This new iteration is the most ambitious step taken by the company so far, featuring an expanded engineering and product team. Although some staff members were let go as part of this transition, the company claims that the numbers being circulated are “egregiously” false.

While the announcement anticipates a backlash from critics on Twitter, Real Vision remains undeterred. The company expresses gratitude to its community for their passionate support and is excited to unveil the new platform this summer. The company invites its community to stay in touch and share their support through social media interactions.

With the anticipation of the “Real Vision 2.0” platform launch, the company has made it clear that it is focused on the future and determined to stay true to its mission. As the new platform prepares to launch, the financial world eagerly awaits the next chapter in Real Vision’s story.


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