Art has always been important to Dani Taylor, but it’s only in recent weeks that she’s started to think there might be a career in it!

Dani is a self-trained artist, and she struggled to find the time for art during the 12 years she spent working on cruise ships.

It was only when she returned to shore on Bribie Island that she began to paint again, mostly seascapes. She also became interested in using resin, and wood working, and started merging the mediums in unique pieces including cheeseboards and coaster sets.

But her art remained a hobby until January this year, when she joined the Qoin community.

How Art by Dani was born

Initially she was only interested in buying some Qoin but her sister Dominique and brother-in-law Brendan persuaded her to register as a merchant and advertise her artworks under the name of Art by Dani.

The response was immediate. The orders started coming in, including six in one day.

In fact, says Dani, she felt a little overwhelmed. Working with resin is a slow process as you need to let it cure between coats to produce the final depth of colour. It can take between three and five days to cure.

“And I’m a perfectionist. I do double coats and sand the edges and oil the boards. I don’t like to keep people waiting but I won’t send anything out until I’m happy with it.”

Despite her doubts, with early starts and late finishes, she managed to get all her orders done, and is now confident that she can handle the deadlines. It’s also made her think that her art might provide a living.

“I’ve had a lot of orders through Qoin. It’s such a good opportunity for artists to show their work and a great community to become part of. And there are so many amazing products on Qoin now.”

She hopes in the future to be able to buy her art supplies with Qoin.

“If I could find a resin supplier that would be perfect.”


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