OpenTron, the first fully independent implementation of the Tron protocol, will soon be launched. It has been under active development for multiple months and while still a work in progress, it is now nearing completion.

A release from the company says that the current implementation is not ready for general use.

The project is currently financed and developed by Oikos but it is open source and we are in the process of setting up an independent foundation, the OpenTron foundation, which will be completely community-driven.

The goals of the project are to provide a fast and lightweight Tron client which will contribute to decentralization and encourage community participation. We are also hoping to introduce modern APIs which will make Tron development easier for developers. We have already been using them with success to port TheGraph to Tron (another upcoming announcement!).

The Tron network currently has one and only implementation. This has led to some criticism of Tron being too centralized. OpenTron hopes to provide an alternative implementation and an independent development team.

OpenTron is written in Rust, a modern language that is increasingly adopted for blockchain and systems development due to its high performance, safety, and modern design.

OpenTron is not a “hard fork” as it is fully compatible with the original java-tron client.


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