New security measures from StakeCube

StakeCube announces new security measures to protect users. While these measures are not implemented yet, they are in the pipeline and will be part of StakeCube after the new interface is launched.

The first of them, already implemented, is a transaction input scanner with a blacklisting function that allows us to locate and block all kinds of fraudulent coins. Examples of this are hacked user wallets, coins generated by vulnerabilities, etc.

This will help ensure that the platform cannot be used to harm listed projects or users. The security measures will also improve detection of users with multiple accounts. These are permanently blocked for AML5 violation.

Apart from the security measures, the team says that some of StakeCube’s pages are being redesigned to make all processes as smooth as possible.

The current goal, says the team, is to achieve the highest possible clarity and transparency for our users.

StakeCube has also begun to create the API endpoints and user interfaces for a set of new functions; including StakeCube improvements and many functions that were requested by users.

Starting with simple address books, masternode hosting flat rate and a virtual stablecoin (credit system), users can look forward to some great tools in the future.

With regard to StakeCubeCoin, the testnet keeps running as planned and without problems. Technically, the chain and wallet are almost ready for release.

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