A successful four year track record in investing in overseas based digital currency has encouraged a well-known Sunshine Coast business to join Australia’s newest digital currency offering.

Tony Andersen, who has owned and operated the Sir Scissor mobile sharpening business for 11 years out of his Sunshine Coast headquarters west of Buderim, has been a digital currency fan for years.

The other aspect of the business is retail scissors for hairdressers, barbers and home cutters. These scissors, texturisers and thinners, now available for purchase on Qoin, are made using Australian 9cr steel and include a wide range to sort all styles and hands.

“My family and I have invested in digital currency and we have done reasonably well out of it, compared to the share market and other investment options,” Mr Andersen said.

“When I found out that Qoin was based in Queensland, I didn’t need any convincing to give it a go because it is specifically aimed at merchants.”

Sir Scissor operates on the Sunshine and Gold Coasts and in Brisbane and services hairdressers, barbers, chefs and restaurants, as well as sharpening kitchen and sometimes garden appliances.

Mr Andersen’s point of difference in the market is that he uses wet sharpening techniques developed in Japan instead of dry grinding sharpening, which can damage all blades and scissors long term. In addition, he also applies multiple finishing processes, including polishing the edges with either leather stropping or rouge based polishes.

“I am seeing more and more restaurants, hairdressers and other businesses that I service taking up Qoin because they know that digital currency is the future. Qoin is a perfect fit for small and medium businesses because it is fast and easy to understand and is a currency that actually grows in value.”

Over the space of six months more than 7,000 small business merchants, including many in the Sunshine Coast, are now accepting Qoin, the newest digital currency, built on blockchain, that offers cashless transactions.

And now the Sunshine Coast is being specifically approached following research undertaken by Qoin that shows Sunshine Coast businesses and merchants are keen to get involved in digital currencies.

Qoin Australia Chief Marketing Officer Andrew Barker says, “We have done our homework in the Sunshine Coast and we have a dedicated sales team of independent agents that are in contact with Sunshine Coast businesses. The current economic climate off the back of COVID-19 has encouraged many businesspeople to open their eyes to new ways of doing business and that includes digital currency.”

Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash


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