Mathew D’Souza, the founder and CEO of Blockware Solutions and Blockware Mining, died on 21 August, after a seven-year battle with leukemia. He was 29 years old.

D’Souza was also the manager of the Blockchain Opportunity Fund. Blockware Solutions, which he founded in 2017 is a service provider for the Bitcoin mining industry, and one of the largest distributors of mining rigs in the US. The Blockchain Opportunity Fund, which he also founded in 2017, serves investors as a multi-million dollar cryptocurrency hedge fund. Blockware Mining, which D’Souza founded in 2019, has generated over 52% returns for its investors, according to an announcement from Blockware Solutions.

In 2008, D’Souza was awarded the Evans Scholarship to the University of Illinois. The Evans Scholarship is a full tuition and housing scholarship for high-achieving caddies who embody a strong record—Mathew had begun caddying at the age of 13—excellent academics, financial need and outstanding character—all qualities Matt possessed.”

D’Souza was an advocate and educator for blockchain technology and the Bitcoin ecosystem. He co-authored detailed research reports on behalf of Blockware, including a recent analysis of how the bitcoin price is influenced by miners.

Blockware Solutions asked that those who want to honor D’Souza’s memory make donations to the Evans Scholars Foundation.


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