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In the burgeoning world of Bitcoin, the adoption of BRC-20 tokens and Ordinals has rapidly become a rage. To help new entrants, seasoned investors, and everyone in between navigate these waters, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of tools and sites integral to these digital currencies.

Wallets serve as the fundamental cornerstone for management of BRC-20s and Ordinals. From @xverseApp to @ordinalswallet, these platforms provide a secure repository for your Ordinals. Wallets like @hirowallet and @OrdinalSafe further offer various features from seamless transactions to encryption and multi-signature security.

Inscription Services play a vital role in associating data with blockchain transactions. Services like @ordinalsbot and @ordswap facilitate this, allowing users to encode and decode important information onto the blockchain.

The heart of the Ordinals and BRC-20 ecosystem, Marketplaces such as @MEonBTC and @OrdinalsMarket_ provide platforms where users can buy, sell or trade tokens. These marketplaces, including @trygamma and @luminexio, have diverse offerings and functionalities that cater to different user preferences.

Auctions offer another dynamic platform for users to acquire tokens. Sites like @ordcity and @trygamma provide users with the opportunity to bid on valuable digital assets in real-time.

Aggregators, such as @ordinalhub and @bestinslotxyz, offer comprehensive platforms that pool information from various sources to provide an all-in-one overview of the Ordinals and BRC-20 landscape.

Exploring the vast blockchain is made accessible through Explorers like @ord_io and @hirosystems. They provide real-time data, transaction histories, and a plethora of insights related to Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens.

BRC-20 DEXs provide a decentralized exchange where users can trade BRC-20 tokens. Platforms like @ALEXLabBTC and @unisat_wallet have emerged as key players in this domain.

For the keen investor, BRC-20 Price Tracking tools such as @ord_io and @OrdSpy are invaluable. They provide real-time data on token prices, allowing users to make informed decisions.

Developers and data enthusiasts will find the APIs provided by @hirosystems and @AviWolicki useful for integrating and pulling data from the blockchain.

In today’s world, online communities play a major role in the proliferation of cryptocurrencies. The Discord Authentication tool from @BitCheckMe ensures a secure and streamlined experience for crypto-discord interactions.

For staying abreast of the latest developments in the Ordinals and BRC-20 world, News sites like @Ordinal_News and @OrdinalLabs offer a wealth of timely and insightful articles.

Analytics are indispensable in understanding trends, market behaviors, and trading patterns in the crypto world. Sites like Inscriptions and Marketplaces offer detailed reports and in-depth analyses.

Finally, the Docs section provides a comprehensive understanding of Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens. Here, you will find everything you need to deepen your understanding of these evolving technologies.

While the landscape of Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens may initially seem vast and daunting, the right tools can help chart a course through this exciting new frontier. Let this ultimate directory serve as your compass in the captivating journey into the world of Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens.


◉ @xverseApp (

◉ @hirowallet (

◉ @unisat_wallet (

◉ @OrdinalSafe (

◉ @ordinalswallet (

Inscription Services

◉ @ordinalsbot (

◉ @unisat_wallet (

◉ @ordswap (

◉ @ordinalswallet (

◉ @trygamma (

◉ @ordkit (…)

◉ @tokiHash (

◉ @ordimint (


◉ @MEonBTC (

◉ @ordinalswallet (

◉ @OrdinalsMarket_ (

◉ @trygamma (

◉ @ordswap (

◉ @openordex (

◉ @ordynals (

◉ @luminexio (

◉ @OrdxMarket (


◉ @ordcity (

◉ @trygamma (…)

◉ @NeoSwap_ai (


◉ @ordinalhub (

◉ @bestinslotxyz (

◉ @ordinalsda (


◉ @ord_io (

◉ @ordiscan_com (

◉ @hirosystems (

◉ @rodarmor (


◉ @unisat_wallet (

◉ @ordinalswallet (


BRC-20 Price Tracking

◉ @ord_io (

◉ @ordinalsda (

◉ @OrdSpy (

◉ @unisat_wallet (


◉ @hirosystems (

◉ @AviWolicki (

Discord Authentication

◉ @BitCheckMe (


◉ @Ordinal_News (

◉ @OrdinalLabs (

◉ @OrdinalsGlobal_ (

◉ @OrdinalDaily

◉ @1btcnews (


◉ Inscriptions (…)

◉ Marketplaces (…)


◉ Ordinals (


◉ BRC-20 (…)


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