By Maria Irene

Satvik Sethi, former NFT product lead at MasterCard, has resigned from the company and taken to social media to publicly detail his experiences at the company. Sethi accuses MasterCard of harassment, emotional distress, and mismanagement, including a 40% cut in salary and 200% increase in workload when he moved from New York City to London. He also accuses the company of not paying his salary for months at a time, and of pressuring him into accepting a reduced severance package after his resignation.

Sethi also reflects on the challenges of being an immigrant, including having to rely on his employer for immigration status and being separated from friends and family. He shares that his mental health suffered as a result of these challenges and the working conditions at MasterCard.

Despite these setbacks, Sethi is moving forward with his social platform, joincircle, which has over 90,000 sign-ups and 35 partner communities, as well as his art, which he says he is passionate about and will be showcasing in various mediums and activations this year.
This story highlights the experiences of a former MasterCard employee and sheds light on the broader challenges of being an immigrant in the tech industry. It also touches on the growing importance of Web3 and the role NFTs are playing in shaping the future of the industry.

Lead Art by Satvik Sethi // Source: Twitter @sxtvik


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