In a recent interview about ‘Bitcoin for boomers’, financier and leading podcaster Gary Leland said investing in bitcoin is a bit like riding a bicycle. “You got to start with the training wheels until you are ready. Most boomers have the money, they just lack the know-how.”

In the interview with Sydney-based bitcoin maximalist Stephan Livera, Leland said that the biggest concerns regarding bitcoin are that people cannot understand the concept of money they can’t hold. “I use the rationalization of the credit card to explain it. Bitcoin is like stocks and money and gold, if you put them all together and don’t touch them.”

Leland suggested that people use tools like the Trezor and the Ledger to get started in bitcoin investing. As for books, he said The Bitcoin Standard and Inventing Bitcoin are good places to start. “The Bitcoin Rabbi is also a good one. You can never absorb too much information on this subject. It is the proverbial rabbit hole.”

Terming bitcoin meet-ups as ‘shitcoin’ meetups because, he said reading up about it is one of the best ways to understand it. “That and actually investing in bitcoin,” said Leland, who is doing a series Bitcoin for Boomers series on

His bitcoin conference Bit Block Boom will be held in the last week of August, said Leland, with social distancing regulations in place.


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