Georgia now first country to use blockchain to verify educational credentials

Georgia has become the first country to promote the use of third generation Cardano-backed blockchain technology for storing, tracking and verifying educational credentials by leveraging blockchain technology in public services.

According to reports, blockchain research and development firm IOHK is helping Georgia build a next-generation credential verification system in the education field.

This project will enable Georgian universities and schools to store, authenticate grades, credentials or certificates via blockchain technology. It would also mean future employers can verify the academic credentials of an individual through the platform, without having to go through the existing lengthy, expensive and manual processes.

IOHK, Georgian Ministry of Education, the Free University and the Business and Technology University of Tbilisi had already signed a memorandum of understanding in June 2019 and this project was slated to be completed by June 2020. IOHK also recently established a research center at the University of Wyoming. The new laboratory was announced after the firm made a $500,000 donation in ADA cryptocurrency.

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