In a recent Tweet thread by Oshi Finance, an expert voice in the world of cryptocurrency, insights into an unexpected development in Bitcoin and Ethereum mining were shared. The intriguing journey of these digital assets has taken an interesting turn, presenting potential opportunities for miners and throwing in a hint of chaos.

Bitcoin has seen a recent surge in Inscription-based fees that have led miners down a new path. They’ve found themselves investing in ‘BRC-20s’. These tokens, though deployed on the Bitcoin network, introduce an enticing principle known as Miner Extractable Value (MEV).

MEV refers to the profit that miners can extract by manipulating the order of transactions within a block. This practice, while prevalent in Ethereum mining due to its significance in transaction ordering, has been relatively dormant in the Bitcoin mining world.

The lack of MEV activity in Bitcoin mining could be attributed to the network’s single asset, Bitcoin, and its slower block times. The accuracy of transaction placement hasn’t been a significant concern in the Bitcoin ecosystem. However, BRC-20 tokens might be a game-changer in this context.

BRC-20 inscriptions, described as a messaging system rather than a balance-tracking mechanism, operate on Bitcoin’s network. They have a fascinating “First is First” mechanism, meaning that the first BRC-20 transaction included in a block is of prime importance, regardless of its timestamp. This principle adds another layer to Bitcoin’s complex and sophisticated ecosystem.

To delve deeper into the world of BRC-20, consider the process of minting a BRC-20 token. A “deploy” transaction is executed first, which sets the token ticker, total supply, and the maximum mint limit amount. This transaction acts as the starter pistol for the token minting race.

The thrilling race occurs when a BRC-20 token has been deployed, but is still partially minted. If a miner or pool secures the next block, they can strategically include their own transactions to mint as much of the token as possible. This race doesn’t necessarily prioritize transactions with the highest fees, introducing new dynamics and incentives within Bitcoin mining.

Despite the notion that BRC-20 tokens are merely meme coins fuelled by hype, their emergence paints a picture of an exciting evolution in Bitcoin mining. The innovation driven by Ordinals across Bitcoin’s blockspace data-layer suggests a future where markets may mature and sophistication is the norm. As Oshi Finance puts it, “Exciting times ahead.”

Whether you’re a curious bystander or a Bitcoin miner, the development of BRC-20 tokens is indeed a stirring turn of events in the cryptocurrency world. They bring about new strategies and considerations for miners, while hinting at the potential for more sophisticated markets within the Bitcoin mining ecosystem. This is a story of evolution and adaptation, and it’s one that we’ll continue to watch closely as the world of Bitcoin keeps spinning on its digital axis.


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