Following several weeks of highly successful internal and external beta testing, Electroneum has finally announced the global soft launch of AnyTask. Electroneum CEO and Founder Richard Ells says there are over 80,000 sign-ups to the blockchain-powered freelance platform with hundreds and hundreds of sellers creating tasks. Currently, there are over 700 live tasks, and nearly 100 have been purchased from buyers before we’ve even started running ads.

The freelance platform though is still at its very early stages, Ells explains.

AnyTask provides people around the world the opportunity to sell their skills online and earn Electroneum (ETN), but does not require the seller to have a bank account and allows them to keep 100% of their profit.

The ETN earned is held in the anytaskers’ Electroneum wallet and can be spent in any location that accepts it, on mobile phone top-ups, or simply exchanged into a local fiat currency or swap for another cryptocurrency.


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