If yield farming and token staking are your thing, consider checking out three new kids on the block—Growing.fi, WalletNow and yieldwatch.net.

All based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), each platform offers its own range of special features and functions to suit user need.


Growing.fi allows you to manage your DeFi portfolio on the BSC.

Inspired by PancakeBunny, Beefy and Autofarm—and hot off the presses—this portfolio management tool is already a firm favourite for tens of thousands of yield farmers.

Native smart contract integration has apparently been one of the most commonly requested features from new users.

What’s special about Growing.fi?

Growing.fi has launched its own membership token—GROW—and an exciting new product called Growing Farm, which provides auto-compounded yields. It does this by actively finding, auditing and leveraging the best yield farming platforms.

With two testing stages—Farm Pool and Grow Pool—30% of profit earned through Farm Pools will be redistributed to the GROW staking pool. Meanwhile, you receive three GROW tokens for each BNB contributed to the GROW staking pool.

To activate the Growing Pro membership for your address, you will need to stake one GROW token in the GROW Staking Pool.


Another newcomer, WalletNow also lets you view your DeFi investments on BSC—including all your BEP20 tokens, farms, pools and stakes.

Aggregating all your crypto investments and protocols in one place, founders say WalletNow is free to use now and forever.

Paid plans may, however, be available in the future for those wanting more advanced features.

What’s special about WalletNow?

WalletNow allows you to add up to five wallets per account. Your account can also be linked to your Binance Exchange account, integrating off-chain crypto investments.

Telegram bot allows you to check your portfolio status any time of day, wherever you are, while the Time Machine feature lets you compare past and current investments.

Active monitoring offers Telegram alarms and notifications, keeping you up to date with market changes and on top of volatility. Filters, detailed views and multi-wallet support mark WalletNow as one to watch.


Like the previous products, yieldwatch.net also lets you track your liquidity pools, yield farming and token staking performance.

With everything you need in one mobile optimised interface, you can see—at a glance—deposit, pending yield and fees generated.

Yieldwatch.net also offers two interesting functions—ability to track and view impermanent loss, and a paywall to access special ‘pro’ user features.

What’s special about yieldwatch.net?

Yieldwatch.net makes it easy to monitor the Impermanent Loss state of play, and check how provided liquidity is performing. Impermanent loss occurs when token price changes after you deposit it in the liquidity pool—the larger the change, the bigger the loss.

This platform also has a paywall already up and running. This gives exclusive access to PRO features for users with enough $WATCH tokens in their wallet, in liquidity or in vaults.

To access PRO, you need $1 in WATCH for each $200 you want to track.

Get farming!

Photo by Nikola Jovanovic on Unsplash


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