DinoLFG has announced its highly anticipated “The DINOsaurs” NFT collection, featuring a variety of unique classes, hidden prizes, and an engaging hatching race. The collection consists of five different classes of DINOsaur NFTs: Thief, Pirate, Wizard, Warrior, and Archer. Each class has its own unique set of weapons, dinosaur type, and specific roles within the DinoLFG community’s Discord and Telegram channels.

The collection also offers 21 additional one-of-one DINOsaur NFTs that can be obtained by hatching a Dino Mystery Egg. These eggs, which sold out within 24 hours, have a chance to hatch a unique DINOsaur. However, more Dino Mystery Eggs can be purchased on OpenSea.

DINOsaur NFTs come in various rarities based on background colors: Green (Common), Blue (Rare), Purple (Epic), and Orange (Legendary). The one-of-one DINOsaur NFTs have their unique rarity and background color. Some DINOsaur NFTs even come with a pet to accompany them on their journey.

What sets this collection apart is the special prizes hidden within some DINOsaur NFTs, including $DINO tokens, Dino Mystery Eggs, DINO merchandise, and exclusive items such as a signed Dogecoin by Dogecoin creator Billy Markus, gaming consoles like PS5 and Nintendo Switch, and even brand-new iPhones. A total of 1,333,333 $DINO tokens are hidden inside Dino Mystery Eggs, with winners chosen randomly based on their NFT ID.

To obtain a DINOsaur NFT, collectors must hatch a Dino Mystery Egg on the DinoLFG official website. Hatching an egg costs 0.0333 ETH. For the first seven days of the hatch, the team will burn 800 $DINO per hatched Dino Mystery Egg, with more burn events coming soon.

DINOscan, a new gallery feature, showcases every DINOsaur in the collection, along with their class, rarity, and unique features. It also tracks hatched and available DINOsaur NFTs, providing collectors with valuable information about their collection.

DinoLFG introduces the DINO Hatch Leaderboards, which adds a competitive element to the game by tracking users who have hatched the most Dino Mystery Eggs. Participants can compete for the top spot on the leaderboard and even win some exciting prizes.

“The DINOsaurs” NFT collection promises a thrilling experience for collectors and gamers alike with its unique DINOsaur classes, hidden prizes, and competitive hatching race. So, get ready to hatch some Dino Mystery Eggs and embark on an adventure with your very own DINOsaur!



  • Hatch Website : Coming soon
  • How to hatch : Coming soon
  • More information about hatch prizes : Coming soon
  • Explore DINOscan here : Coming soon
  • Buy your own Dino Mystery Egg on Opensea : https://opensea.io/collection/dino-mystery-egg


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