Delivery companies have become essential services during the quarantine in Venezuela. In the country, the sovereign Bolivar is becoming increasingly scarce and cryptocurrencies have been a solution as a payment option during the Covid-19 quarantine. The use of cryptocurrencies within the daily market continues to grow.

Dash crypto currency for instance, with projects such as Dash Help, Dash Mall and Parking, Dash Text and Dash Delivery Service, has managed to cover much of the country with training and integration of delivery services.

Dash tied up with delivery service companies like Piiddo and Somos Dingo. Piido offers a wide variety of services, and accepts Dash as the only digital currency accepted as a method of payment. Thanks to an alliance between Piiddo (a delivery and shopping company), and Dash Mall and Parking (an initiative promoted by Dash within Venezuela), 274 shops (according to data provided by Piiddo) in the region of Merida, Venezuela, will accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. The multi-national fast food outlet McDonald’s food will be able to be bought and paid for with Dash in the Piiddo Delivery app.

Dingo is a delivery company created by young Venezuelans and is accepting Dash as a form of payment.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash


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