Debbie Woods never dreamed that a Qoin community facebook comment would attract almost 30 potential customers to her ICT business.

The Sunshine Coast woman and her husband Dominic Abreu have been the Directors of Tele2 for five years.

Debbie recently discovered the benefits of using Qoin in her everyday life but admits she hadn’t thought about using crypto in the business. Then, someone directed her to the Qoin facebook page. She was astounded by the response.

“It was a post where people say ‘just put under here what you do’. I just wrote I do NBN and mobile, and I got heaps of people messaging me. Seeing that was really exciting,” she says.

“I think people like it when there are options to use their Qoin for things that they are paying cash for. When more people know about it, I think it will be popular.”

Qoin providing a new source of customers

The accidental advertising has opened the door to a new source of customers, primarily Qoin merchants and other users. Debbie is looking forward to connecting with them and growing the business.

She is learning other ways crypto can be useful. Most of Tele2’s current suppliers are big carriers that don’t accept Qoin. However, she hopes to use it for items such as office supplies and for savings. She has already bought three computers for the business totally on Qoin.

Debbie Woods

Spreading the crypto cheer

The crypto convert is sharing the good news with others too. Tele2 staff have been offered Qoin wallets with “just enough so they can play with it, if they want”.

She’s also added wallets for her mother and grandkids, and is thrilled that the value has almost doubled over a few months.

“To know that I will be able to help them out when they’re older because of something we’ve done now…. I’m just really excited,” she says.

Qoin provides a new crypto opportunity

Debbie and Dom have been with the Bartercard network for 20 years through various businesses. In December 2019, they attended a Bartercard meeting showcasing Qoin. Debbie had zero interest but Dom wanted to know more. After a disappointing dabble with Bitcoin in his younger years, he was eager for a second chance.

“He felt like he missed out on Bitcoin and when this one came up, he thought it’s an opportunity, a door has opened and given him a second chance,” she says.

Dom joined for personal rather than business benefits and is pleased with the outcome. In those early months, he purchased $5,000 worth of Qoin and has focused on growing his stake. He bought when Qoin was at 15 cents, it recently hit $6.

Debbie was sold on Qoin after checking the value of Dom’s wallet. Now, takeaway meals, whitegoods, outdoor furniture, family gifts and beauty treatments come courtesy of Qoin.

“Our actual cash expenditure has gone down because I’m spending it on stuff that I would normally spend cash on,” she says.

With more businesses reluctant to accept cash, especially because of COVID-19, Debbie can see crypto being more widely accepted and “normalised” by everyday people.

“I’m just having fun. I love it so much that I tell people about it.”



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