A group of 12 Chinese media organizations from across the country have collaborated to create a “blockchain-powered news department”. The organisations include television stations, local newspapers, radio stations, and web media.

Among the media groups that comprise the alliance are Beijing Time, Hubei Radio, Shanghai Poster Industry Group News, Guizhou Daily Tianyamn News, and Yunbao News.

The “National Department of Blockchain News Editing” will use solutions based on 4.0 and advantage of blockchain technology in favor of the distribution and exchange of content through the network.

The alliance distributes more reliable and traceable news and media files that are recorded as blocks on a blockchain network.

According to the CECBC Blockchain Committee of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, the reform they seek to make through the news department is governed by the following precepts: thinking logic, asset shape, organization mode, and technical framework.

They believe that use of the blockchain in the field of communications can not only help news producers protect legal copyright, but also create commercial value. It could also reduce the cost of litigation in copyright-related legal affairs, making right protection “more convenient and efficient”.


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