From establishing many strategic partnerships at Davos WEF 2020 to opening up new avenues in a bid to bring about commercialization in the ecosystem, Cardano’s has been taking leaps and bounds with respect to developments on its network.

IOHK CEO and Co-founder Charles Hoskinson in an interview with AMBCrypto, said the team is in a transition phase from a very “science and engineering’” viewpoint to a commercial one.

The work-in-progress with professional services network PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is focused on generating a new commercial strategy.

Hoskinson called it a “unification play” and a way to introduce Cardano to the enterprise world in a way that the enterprise world can understand.

“PwC is an expert in speaking that language, so it’s very important that we get the language right,” he said.


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