The new update from Jormungandr has been postponed to the second week of February 2020.

Charles Hoskinson, creator of Cardano, has stated that February will be a crucial month in the development of Cardano, and set the tentative date for activation of Cardano’s Ouroboros Byzantine Fault Tolerance (OBFT) hard fork as 20 February. Hoskinson has reiterated though that it is still a tentative date. Hoskinson said the update looks good in every way, but they are willing to postpone the date if they find a problem or if one of Cardano’s partners requests an extension.

In addition, after the fork, Cardano will launch the Byron reboot with Haskell wallet backend, which Hoskinson termed the most important event since the introduction of Cardano in 2017.

The Shelley mainnet will be released in March or April, but Hoskinson reemphasised that this date depends on the progress of the mentioned updates.

In February, Cardano released two new versions of the Jormungandr node software 0.8.8. and 0.8.9. The first version mainly fixed bootstrapping problems and the second one fixed booting problems on the Cardano network. Hoskinson said that these updates have solved most of the problems reported by users, but that a new update will be needed to solve all issues.


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