The coronavirus pandemic has seen an explosion of the use of video conferencing platforms. Among the latest announcements, Brave has said that private and unlimited video calls can now be made on its platform Brave Browser. The crypto-friendly web browser will allow unlimited participants can join the calls, though features are still in development.

Brave wrote on Twitter that video conferencing is now available on Brave Nightly, the testing and development version of the browser. Known as Brave Together, the platform allows end-to-end encryption for video calls—but is still in testing mode with incomplete features.

Brave Together is based on the open-source, encrypted video chat software Jitsi, the preferred video app of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, according to an interview he provided Wired in 2017.

An account is not necessary to use the video conferencing platform but one will need to use the Brave browser.

Brave Browser has been praised by crypto luminaries from Tyler Winklesvoss to Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao as it offers increased privacy and a crypto rewards program through its native BAT token. The platform has critized Google’s purported monopoly and aims to be taken seriously as a more ethical option.


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