In China’s CCID blockchain project ranking EOS is in first position again, followed by TRON and Ethereum. Bitcoin though has fallen to position 11. Bitcoin has been overtaken by NEO and STEEM.

This is the Chinese Center for Information and Industrial Development (CCID)’s 16th edition of the rankings. The report is published once a month and compares the most prominent blockchain projects in various aspects.

It is the first report of the year 2020 and the first positions are occupied by three DApp platforms: EOS has gained the first position for the third consecutive time.

Since the last report published in December, the ranking has moved slightly. TRON took the second place that Ethereum had occupied previously. In addition, Bitcoin dropped out of the top 10 and fell 2 positions to number 11. The number one cryptocurrency by market capitalization was displaced by platforms like NEO and STEEM.


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