Malta-based Binance, one of the world’s leading crypto-exchanges, has announced that it will add new fiat gateways for Norwegian, Russian, and Croatian currencies. The CEO of the Malta-based crypto-platform, Changpeng Zhao, has revealed that Binance will explore more markets after launching P2P trading of Chinese Yuan, Vietnamese Dong, and Russian Rubles.

Additionally, CEO CZ revealed that the team has been actively looking for P2P merchants globally. The platform was in the news after it recently launched a global P2P merchant program, one that enabled merchants to earn revenue by providing fiat currency payment solutions while enjoying zero transaction fees, as well as professional service support from Binance.

This was essentially launched to serve the increasing demand of Binance global users, while providing higher liquidity. For less developed economies, this program, according to CZ, could be a “fairly interesting business” to get into.

With this announcement Binance is clearly intent on continuing its expansion mode. To date, the platform has launched four international crypto-fiat exchanges. This includes Binance Uganda, European trading platform Binance Jersey, Binance Singapore, and more recently, Binance US. The latter was in fact, launched as part of a special effort to comply with strict U.S regulations in place.


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