Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance will support staking of Zilliqa (ZIL) when the project enables staking on 19 June. This makes Binance the second crypto exchange after Kucoin to offer ZIL staking with more platforms expected to be announced as soon as the staking service goes live in the coming week.

The exchange will enable staking on the same date, paying ZIL holders on the platform with at least a 50 ZIL balance, an annual yield between 8%-10% in ZIL tokens.

Under a new proposal that will be implemented when staking launches on mainnet, the maximum amount has been lowered from 700 million $ZIL to 610 million ZIL across all nodes, and from 70 million $ZIL to 61 million $ZIL per node.

Aside from the imminent launch of ZIL staking in the coming week, Amrit Kumar, Chief Scientific Officer at Zilliqa, has also stated that the team has a new version of the Zilliqa mainnet up and running with sharding, the primary technology pioneered by the project still at the core.


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