Artist Pascal Boyart’s street mural is raking in $100 in Bitcoin per day in donations. Boyart has adorned his street art with QR codes, and has thus far earned more than 1.3 BTC in patronage.

The artist has in fact put QR codes on paintings since 2017 and has also tokenized his work as NFTs.

Artist Pascal Boyart recently painted a mural in Paris called “Confessions of a Red Jester”, a modern interpretation of the 1862 painting “Stańczyk” by Jan Matejko.

In Boyart’s rendition, the titular jester is surrounded by fiat bills on the ground and has what appears to be a tablet on the table next to him. Boyart has described the painting as being about both fiat money and quantitative easing.

There’s another unique element to it: a large QR code in the lower left corner, along with a spray-painted Bitcoin logo and a wallet address below. The QR code allows anyone who scans it to donate Bitcoin directly to Boyart without any sort of intermediary.

Boyart tweeted that he has thus far received 0.0514 BTC or just less than $500 to date.

He also has crypto donation links on his website for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Monero. Furthermore, Boyart has tokenized his own artwork as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), selling several pieces—some with added animation—split into collectible fragments via OpenSea.


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