Alibaba Cloud, in collaboration with Avalanche and MUA DAO, has announced the launch of Cloudverse, a comprehensive solution designed to help businesses rapidly deploy and maintain their own metaverse spaces on the Avalanche blockchain. Cloudverse aims to provide businesses with a seamless way to engage with customers in new dimensions, offering customizable digital land, wearables, and other digital assets.

The platform sets itself apart from competitors with its fast development, high traffic volume, open ecosystem, and professional land planning and governance. Cloudverse leverages top-notch technology to deliver metaverse solutions to millions of Alibaba Cloud clients and billions of users around the world.

For the provision of Cloudverse, Alibaba Cloud will supply scalable and secure cloud infrastructure offerings, such as computing, storage, database, and networking, along with intelligence operation platforms. Avalanche and MUA DAO, on the other hand, will contribute solutions for building metaverse spaces.

The launch of Cloudverse builds on the existing partnership between Alibaba Cloud and Avalanche, which started in December 2022. Alibaba Cloud has been supporting Avalanche in boosting blockchain adoption in Asia, providing infrastructure technology and tools for users to launch validators on the Avalanche network.

Cloudverse offers a simple, high-touch, and cost-effective metaverse solution for businesses eager to tap into the Web3 world. The platform provides support on visuals, metaeconomics, interactive functions, events, and ongoing metaverse operation. With Cloudverse, businesses can have their custom metaverse spaces ready in as little as one month from initial outreach, with no land purchase required.


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