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In a recent Twitter thread, Spencer Scott (@AKASpencerScott), an entrepreneur who has bootstrapped two SaaS companies, shared the remarkable story of how artificial intelligence has been used to revolutionize cold emails, sending shockwaves throughout the business world.

Scott’s friend @umar482, who runs a software development shop in Pakistan, has historically found success in acquiring customers among Shopify store owners by building custom apps for them. In an attempt to expand his customer base, @umar482 decided to leverage the power of AI, specifically GPT-4, to pitch app ideas to store owners that could generate more revenue for their businesses.

In the Twitter thread, Scott shared that @umar482 had compiled a list of 100,000 Shopify sites, complete with names, emails, websites, and metadata. However, instead of sending generic cold emails, @umar482 decided to build a tool that would use GPT-4 to analyze each store’s data and come up with app ideas tailored to the individual store’s products and services.

One example of GPT-4’s prowess was seen in an email sent to a bath bomb company. GPT-4 proposed an app that would allow customers to design their own bath bombs on the website. The store owner responded enthusiastically, but raised concerns about manufacturing custom bath bombs. GPT-4 quickly countered with a suggestion that the app could monitor the store’s inventory and only allow customers to create bath bombs with components that are already in stock.

According to Scott, @umar482 sent out 3,000 emails like this in a single day, receiving numerous positive responses from Shopify store owners who were impressed by the highly personalized app pitches. The genius of this AI-driven approach is that @umar482 didn’t even know what GPT-4 had pitched until the store owners replied, allowing him to focus on other aspects of his business.

This innovative use of AI has the potential to generate thousands of dollars in revenue for @umar482’s software development company, all without the need for labor-intensive research and email writing. The tool’s ability to tailor app ideas to individual stores could prove to be a game-changer in the world of cold emails and customer acquisition.

Spencer Scott, clearly impressed by the power of GPT-4, called this deployment of AI technology “the coolest” he had seen so far. He also hinted that he would be posting about how GPT-4 works for his own company, @median, in the near future.

As artificial intelligence continues to evolve, we are likely to see even more creative and innovative applications of this technology across various industries. The example shared by Scott showcases how AI can be harnessed to not only streamline but also revolutionize traditional business processes, helping entrepreneurs and businesses grow and thrive in the digital age.



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