In the rapidly evolving realm of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, a multitude of tokens from various protocols vie for the attention of investors. Amid this competitive landscape, BRC20 tokens are distinguishing themselves through innovative propositions and tangible utility. In this article we dive into some of the top BRC20 tokens that are currently recommended for portfolio consideration.

First on the list is Ord already, a token noted for its high liquidity and significant market cap of 239 million. This token is already listed on couple of major exchanges, including Ord already bears the mark of historical significance, being the first-ever BRC20 token. It was the brainchild of Domo, a visionary who recognized and exploited the untapped potential of BRC20 tokens. The primary allure of this token lies in its seamless buy-sell-trade mechanism, which offers accessibility and convenience to investors.

Pepe is another token that warrants attention. With a market cap of a relatively modest 23 million, Pepe is perceived as a potential achiever that hasn’t yet reached its peak. The token is deeply ingrained in the Bitcoin ecosystem and is linked to the ‘Rare Pepe’ crypto project. This global venture, conceived by a diverse group of artists, has designed Pepe to be traded as a non-fungible token (NFT) on the counterparty platform, which is built on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Chint, another token, is associated with an established project and backed by a robust community. These factors make it a potentially promising asset for investors. Despite its low market cap, Chint could prove to be an excellent addition to any portfolio, owing to its connection to a well-proven project. However, the golden rule of “caveat emptor” or buyer beware, applies. Thorough due diligence is essential before diving into any of these ventures.

A particularly intriguing token highlighted is SHNT, which is part of the SATs Hunters project. This unique initiative rewards community members in Bitcoin for unearthing rare satoshis that carry historical, cultural, or mathematical significance. SHNT is the designated currency for the project’s Discord auctions. A standout feature of SATs Hunters is its revenue-sharing model. Here, 25% of the sales revenue from rare satoshi sales is evenly distributed among SHNT holders. Furthermore, SHNT will be used for their upcoming commercialized inscription service. This token can be traded on the recommended exchange platform,

Another high-risk, high-reward token featured is BTSP. As a newcomer in the BRC20 token market, BTSP presents a potential windfall for investors willing to take on risk.

An important point emphasized is the value of real utility in tokens, over mere speculative or meme coins. The rise of tokens like Meme, which achieved a market cap of around 8-9 million, underscores the importance of utility.

The cardinal rule of investment, “Knowledge is Power,” is reiterated. Comprehensive personal research is indispensable before making any investment decisions. It is worth noting that this article does not endorse any particular project but aims to shed light on the emerging BRC20 landscape.


In the diverse world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, BRC20 tokens are carving out their niche. From the liquidity-rich Ord already to the utility-centric SHNT, these tokens offer a blend of risk and reward worthy of every discerning investor’s consideration. As always, personal research is advised before making any investment decisions.


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