Major North Queensland furniture retailer takes on Qoin

A major Innisfail business has launched a North Queensland first by offering to accept payment for its furniture items in digital currency—all developed in...

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Major North Queensland furniture retailer takes on Qoin

A major Innisfail business has launched a North Queensland first by offering to accept payment for its furniture items in digital currency—all developed in...

Gold Coast business giving back to community with digital currency

A Gold Coast based IT and digital marketing company is using Australia’s newest digital currency, founded on the Gold Coast, to give back to...

Qoin digital currency breaks into equine sales market

Australia’s newest digital currency is targeting the recreational, Thoroughbred and sport horse equine market in every state and has had its first “win”—in Western...

Leading Melbourne asphalting supplier joins Qoin

Digital currency the new way to pay for asphalting projects Renowned Melbourne based asphalting supplier is now accepting payment in digital currency for its transformational...

‘Qoin gives our customers a choice’

Hard pressed Cairns businesses are turning to digital currency to help them through the COVID-19 crisis. One of the city’s best-known espresso coffee cafes, Bang...

‘We like Qoin because it is easy to understand and easy to use’

Palmerston based Abode Homes has started using Qoin digital currency and talks are underway with dozens of other businesses in the Northern Territory to...
his 100th career start in the @NASCAR Cup Series last night Congratulations to @CoreyLaJoie
Let's flood the streets with #bitcoin masks! @yonatvaks
Qoin Oracle goes live!
@CoinUsdx: For US Dollar Stability
USDX will be listed on the US Binance platform
Driving blockchain education & awareness. Held in collaboration with Tribe Code
Zilliqa’s developer bootcamp
Andrew with Ricky and his coaching staff at
Euphoria Cafe, a Qoin Merchant in Robina
@kyle_chasse: Awesome work session today, Thank you @Diditaihuttu & Jedidiah Taylor
Work session today for House of DAO #MasterVentures Ecosystem Roadmap to Mass Adoption 21-Feb-2020
@cryptocompatesummit Ecosystem Roadmap to Mass Adoption 21-Feb-2020
Oxford Circus, St. Paul's, Canary Wharf, Shoreditch, Holborn
Opening the door on a groundbreaking project!
"we shared our Katalyst upgrade to hundreds of attendees"
Kyber at @EthereumDenver!
Orchid — Join the privacy network
PwC time
Happy Birthday!
with the Equinox in Bunbury, WA, accepting their first customer paying with Qoin!
Another milestone in the evolution of the Qoin Movement
#LightsCameraAction #BehindTheScenes
$ZIL #BuildOnZIL
@girlgonecrypto: "Someone, please explain this hat to me.
When was #bitcoin... NOT great"
Were you able to start a crypto conversation this week?
launched in Cambodia
Electroneum's M1 smartphones
Merhaba Türkiye! We are excited to be here—@Ist_Blockchain in Istanbul!
Blockchain Economy Summit 2020
belated but mandatory selfie with Justin, a true blockchain innovator & pioneer
@VitalikButerin at #SBC20
A small army of developers building on Ethereum
15 best tech teams from Thailand join hands to build the next wave of #DeFi & next-gen #DApps
At the $BAND co-hosted #TBWG hackathon
@CaroBowler of BTC Markets join a discussion on
The Australian National Blockchain Roadmap
@GilLinster will be joining the Fueled by Verge initiative for his
2019 NASCAR season
Lorena Ortiz with @realmaxkeiser and @stacyherbert @
Bitcoin Embassy Bar
earn interest on bitcoin stored in the wallet @bizstone
Go team @mode_banking!
with @InnFin with contributions from @wirexapp @StateStreet @TokenySolutions
Panel around DLT and the future of financial services
Enjoy every moment with
the @harvardintech SF event
Powerful women in crypto
Holborn District of London
MCO preparing for EU launch
Finally, the dinner happens
Justin Sun & Warren Buffet
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Business in Heels urges female business leaders to embrace Qoin

One of Australia’s largest businesswomen’s advisory groups with over 160,000 supporters and a branch in Townsville is urging businesswomen in Townsville to embrace digital...

‘Indian blockchain community is ready to be regulated’

EGW Capital, the blockchain investment bank, has landed in a row over its plan to use DigiByte blockchain technology for real estate tokenization in...

Limitless array of DApps: Matic

Secure, scalable and instant transactions—are the 3Ms (mantras) of Matic, a blockchain scalability platform based in India, which aspires to see a world where...

Blockchain developer reveals private messaging and payment system ‘Stamp Chat’

Blockchain developer Shammah Chancellor (otherwise known as @micropresident) has revealed details about a new project called Stamp Chat, which at its basic level, is...

Cardano announces custody agreement with Coinbase, ADA token price soars

The company developing the Cardano (ADA) protocol, announced a custody agreement with Coinbase, and the price of the ADA token went over $0.10 for...

MahaDAO: The voice against ban on crypto in India

The concept of DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organisation management model has been doing the rounds in the world of virtual currency ever since Bitcoin eliminated the need for middlemen in financial transactions. There are many blockchain...


US Treasury says national banks can hold reserves for stablecoin issuers

Move welcomed by crypto exchanges The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), which is part of the United States Department of the Treasury,...

Indian Parliament may discuss bill to ban digital currency trading

Banning crypto is not the solution, don't make us feel as if we were drug peddlers, say traders The Indian government's reported plan to introduce...

Privacy, blockchain and the Internet of Things—Can we keep control of our own identities?

New research from The University of South Australia indicates there are key privacy issues inherent to current blockchain platforms, suggesting greater effort should be...

Cardano CEO explains his “obsession” with DeFi

With decentralized Finance (DeFi) gaining momentum world over, it isn’t surprising that in a recent video Charles Hoskinson, creator and CEO of Cardano, said...

TRON may introduce wrapped version of BTC on network

Justin Sun has hinted of launching a wrapped version of Bitcoin on the Tron network, a move which would bring Bitcoin’s value to Tron’s...


Food delivery service Just Eat France now accepts Bitpay

With home delivery services in demand during the pandemic and the use of cash declining, several players in the food industry are turning to crypto Food...

“Buy Crypto” search volume ‘flat’ since May

According to data, Google search volume for “Buy Crypto” over the past week has reached levels witnessed last during January 2018. The search volume has...

RBI mulling raising gold reserves

According to the World Gold Council, 2018 marked the highest level of annual net central bank gold purchases since the suspension of dollar convertibility into...

Buffet: the new gold bug in town

Believe it or not, Warren Buffet is betting big on gold these days. To be specific, his firm Berkshire Hathaway bought gold mining shares to the...

SmartCash is now best performing masternode

This week (12-19 August), the Masternode Stats page has SmartCash listed as the best-performing masternode, moving from 10th place last week to 1st place this...

Delivery service companies in Venezuela are using Dash as mode of payment

Delivery companies have become essential services during the quarantine in Venezuela. In the country, the sovereign Bolivar is becoming increasingly scarce and cryptocurrencies have been...